Meeting all your Building needs

Build Supplier is a platform for Building Material Manufacturers and retailers/contractors to connect with each other. We have a large network of Manufacturers registered with us who provide all Building Material for all your requirements. Retailers can get great quality products at better pricing and access to the Manufacturer network we have. Retailers can use an augmented reality visualizer to go through all the latest designs and products to show their clients. We have a great and highly efficient team dedicated to ensuring complete customer satisfaction by providing you with excellent customer services and keeping you posted on the latest stock availability and recently updated resources to help run your business extremely effortlessly. This is a one-stop solution where you can view different Manufacturers and choose the best products.


At the core of Build Supplier is quality and excellence. We work towards making sure this translates into every aspect of our work. We aim at providing superior quality services to our customers. We believe in cultivating, building and strengthening our relationships. At Build Supplier’s we do not believe in compromising on our values and this has translated into every facet of our work. Our aim is to make each transaction as smooth a process as possible and our focus is on always ensuring that we deliver exactly what the customer is looking for.


Why Choose Us?


Build Supplier is associated with a large network of retailers. This becomes an ideal place for Manufacturers to display, showcase and connect with retailers across the US. Manufacturers can display their products under the categories and Brands that they carry.


We at Build Supplier have created a platform for Manufacturers and retailers to connect with each other. We are driven by quality and this has translated into the network we have built and created. Our Manufacturers and retailers are thoroughly vetted before they register on our platform, and the choices are unlimited.

Unlimited Varieties in a click of a mouse

With the click of a mouse, Build Supplier platform has made it easy for retail buyers for one stop shopping by connecting all major brands and manufacturers together in a one simple platform. This will offer wide varieties to choose from indoor, outdoor to roofing ceilings, wall coverings, to pretty much everything you need in building materials. We will strive to offer the top-quality name brands and we ensure we deliver the best to our customers.