Where to get the top tiles and flooring brands at wholesale prices


Constructing or renovating a home is a time-consuming and exhausting process, especially when you are particular about the minutest details.
While brick and cement are required to strengthen the base and structure of a home, what gives the home its real identity is the roof, the walls, and most importantly, the flooring. And so, everyone wants to give their flooring a unique and attractive look through the best flooring tiles.

Probably that’s why every family members' opinion matters in deciding the flooring tiles for the home.
Presently, tile brands offer numerous options for flooring, like Laminate, Hardwood, and Waterproof. Amongst all, hardwood flooring is the popular choice due to its natural look, delicate designs, and versatile functionality. It gives a unique character and individuality to the living spaces.

People are also going in for carpet tiles, better known as square or modular carpets. These tiles are like squares that are cut from wall-to-wall rolls, installed together to look like a carpet. Carpet tiles, preferred for massive spaces, are available in 48x48 cm, 50x50 cm, 60x60 cm, and 96x96 cm.  

Before finalizing the flooring tiles for your home, you should consider some crucial factors that will help you make a well-informed decision.

THE BIGGER, THE BETTER: Choose bigger tile sizes for your flooring - the bigger the size, the lesser the joints. And with lesser joints, the space looks larger and cleaner. You can go for bigger sizes like 100x200 cm, 120x120 cm, 120x180 cm, 80x120 cm, etc. 

LOOK & FINISH: Tiles are available in different finishes, such as polished, matt, metallic, wooden, marble, rustic, and carving. You can choose a tile finish that best complements your furniture and curtain choices. It reflects your taste and helps you create a personalized style statement.  

WATER RESISTANCE: A significant factor while choosing a tile is its water resistance. For your bathroom and kitchen, you must select water-resistant tiles which provide better foot grip and prevent slipping. For this, you can also consider matt tiles as they come with a dull finish.       

LOW MAINTENANCE: While design plays a significant role, the maintenance makes a flooring tile stand out. So while selecting tiles, especially for the bathroom and the kitchen, choose tiles that can be cleaned easily with a wet cloth wipe to bring out their original look. 
Having discussed the growing trends and necessary factors to consider before buying flooring tiles, you should choose the tiles that come within your budget and justify their value.
Although the market is full of well-stocked flooring retailers with premium brands; still it's the pricing factor; that prevents many homeowners from going for the quality they want.  

If you are based in Norwalk, CA, you have the opportunity to connect with Build Supplier - a growing platform that connects building material manufacturers with retailers and contractors. Build Supplier is a wholesale marketplace that, besides retailers, caters to retail buyers, who can buy top flooring tile brands at a price that even flooring retailers can't offer easily.
So go ahead and buy your favourite tiles at wholesale prices.

Happy renovation!